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Graham praises Schiff on impeachment presentation: 'You're very well-spoken'

Graham praises Schiff on impeachment presentation: 'You're very well-spoken'Walking out of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday night after the first day of opening arguments in the impeachment trial of President Trump, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., congratulated Adam Schiff, the lead manager for House Democrats, on his presentation of the case.

POSTED JANUARY 23, 2020 10:42 AM

Toll rises to 20 from New Zealand volcano eruption as two declared dead

Toll rises to 20 from New Zealand volcano eruption as two declared deadThe death toll rose to 20 on Thursday from a volcanic eruption on New Zealand's White Island last month, as two people still missing were officially confirmed dead. The two individuals were Hayden Marshall-Inman of New Zealand and Winona Langford of Australia, police said. "The chief coroner has ruled that both Winona and Hayden died on White Island," John Tims, a deputy police commissioner, said in a statement.

POSTED JANUARY 22, 2020 11:17 PM

Five Star Meltdown Adds to Italy Tensions as Leader Set to Quit

Five Star Meltdown Adds to Italy Tensions as Leader Set to Quit(Bloomberg) -- Luigi Di Maio appeared poised to resign as leader of Italy’s insurgent Five Star Movement, triggering a bond sell-off and adding to political uncertainty as the country heads to regional elections this weekend.Di Maio may step back ahead of the party’s likely defeat in elections in Emilia Romagna and Calabria on Sunday, according to a person familiar with the matter who asked not to be named discussing confidential deliberations. Di Maio will likely stay on as foreign minister, the person said.Leaders of Five Star, the senior party in Italy’s fractious coalition government, are meeting Wednesday morning to discuss Di Maio’s plan to resign, Italian newspapers reported. An announcement could come as part of a scheduled party event at 5 p.m.The yield on Italy’s 10-year debt climbed as much as eight basis points. The FTSE Italia All-Share Banks Index dropped 1.4%, with UniCredit SpA losing 2.4% and Intesa Sanpaolo SpA slipping 0.9%.Vito Crimi, a senior Five Star lawmaker, or Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede may become the party’s provisional leader, daily La Stampa reported.For Di Maio, the beginning of the end came at a luxury hotel by the ancient Forum in Rome.The 33-year-old leader of the populist Five Star movement was taken to task by its founder, Beppe Grillo, a former comic more than twice his age, who told him to stop picking fights with his government partners in the Democratic Party, according to party officials who asked not to be named.The Italian media has speculated that, in pulling out before an electoral debacle, Di Maio may be hoping for an eventual return as leader of a reorganized Five Star. But his party’s convulsions may sound the death knell for a fragile coalition stitched together with the sole purpose of keeping Matteo Salvini’s nationalist League out of power.Five Star and the Democrats both want to avoid an electoral clash with the resurgent League. But voices in both parties also argue that if a vote is unavoidable, they’d be better off pulling the plug on the coalition before it drags them down.Di Maio’s position has also been undermined by mass desertions of Five Star lawmakers and voters alike. Support for the party has slumped to 16% in recent polls, compared with the 33% it posted when it won the 2018 election. The Democrats are at 19% while the League has 31%Since the party signed up for Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s second coalition in September, more than 20 lawmakers have abandoned Five Star or been kicked out. Three senators switched to the League in December, and the education minister quit before ditching the party. Another senator was expelled in January after he failed to follow the party line on the budget. Two more lawmakers quit Tuesday.Of those who remain in Five Star’s parliamentary caucus, many are openly discussing changes in the leadership. The Democrats, meanwhile, are asking how much longer they can afford to be linked to such a dysfunctional partner.The rifts are on display in the 17th century Roman palace that houses the lower house of parliament where the tribes of the Five Star Movement regularly gather in a patio flanking the debating chamber to chat, to smoke, and to plot.Dotted around the central fountain you can see the separate huddles -- some pro-coalition, others anti-Di Maio, and some who want a return to the party’s first alliance with the right-wing populists of the League.One Democratic lawmaker who watches the Five Star cliques across the courtyard complains the anarchy inside his party’s coalition partner makes it hard to pin them down even on basics of legislating.Five Star is in such desperate straits that even the Democrats have gotten involved in trying to establish a degree of stability, the deputy added. The Democratic leadership has been issuing regular warnings that the coalition can only continue if it gets things done.Indeed, Democratic Party officials suspect that some within Five Star, including Di Maio, have been echoing Salvini’s anti-European, anti-immigration rhetoric with an eye to ditching the Democrats and reviving their previous coalition.That’s a scenario dismissed by Five Star officials, who say the party is committed to the coalition. But they are struggling to convince anyone they can make good on that commitment.\--With assistance from Dana El Baltaji.To contact the reporters on this story: John Follain in Rome at;Jerrold Colten in Milan at jcolten@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Ben Sills at, Karl Maier, Alessandro SpecialeFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.©2020 Bloomberg L.P.

POSTED JANUARY 22, 2020 5:01 AM

A University of Minnesota student was arrested in China and sentenced to 6 months in prison for tweeting cartoons making fun of President Xi Jingping

A University of Minnesota student was arrested in China and sentenced to 6 months in prison for tweeting cartoons making fun of President Xi JingpingAccording to Chinese court documents obtained by Axios, 20-year-old Luo Daiqing was arrested after returning to Wuhan for summer break.

POSTED JANUARY 23, 2020 9:18 AM

White Nationalists Arrested ahead of Richmond Rally Planned to Kill Gun-Rights Demonstrators to Spark Civil War

White Nationalists Arrested ahead of Richmond Rally Planned to Kill Gun-Rights Demonstrators to Spark Civil WarThree alleged members of a white supremacist group were plotting to murder demonstrators at Monday's gun rights rally at the Virginia Capitol before they were arrested by the FBI last week, according to court documents.The men were caught discussing their plans on a hidden camera set up in their Delaware apartment by FBI agents.“We can’t let Virginia go to waste, we just can’t,” said Patrik J. Mathews, one member of the hate group "the Base" that promotes violence against African-Americans and Jews.According to authorities, the 27-year-old former Canadian Armed Forces reservist also discussed creating "instability" in Virginia by killing people, derailing trains, poisoning water, and shutting down highways in order to "kick off the economic collapse" and possibly start a "full blown civil war."Mathews also discussed the possibility of "executing" police officers and stealing their belongings and remarked that, “We could essentially be like literally hunting people.”“Virginia will be our day,” said 33-year-old Brian M. Lemley Jr., adding, “I need to claim my first victim.”“Lemley discussed using a thermal imaging scope affixed to his rifle to conduct ambush attacks,” the court filings read.The two were arrested along with a third man, 19, last Thursday. They are charged with federal firearms violations and “transporting and harboring an alien,” referring to Mathews, who is a Canadian national. Four more members of The Base have also been arrested and charged in Georgia and Wisconsin.In a search of the apartment, prosecutors said that FBI agents found propaganda fliers for The Base, communications devices, empty rifle cases, "go bags" with "numerous Meals-Ready-to-Eat," knives, and materials for building an assault rifle.Tens of thousands of gun rights advocates rallied in Richmond on Monday to protest the state’s Democratic legislature's gun-control agenda. Critics raised fears beforehand that militant white supremacists could disrupt the rally, but the day ended peacefully with no violence.

POSTED JANUARY 22, 2020 2:04 PM

Virologist who helped identify SARS on coronavirus outbreak: 'This time I'm scared'

Virologist who helped identify SARS on coronavirus outbreak: 'This time I'm scared'Experts are seeing shocking similarities between the coronavirus that has now spread beyond China and the SARS outbreak of 2003.Like the infectious pneumonia that has killed at least 17 people, SARS was caused by a coronavirus that originated in China. But when one of the virologists who helped identify the SARS virus visited Wuhan, where this virus originated, he didn't see nearly enough being done to fight it. People were out at markets without masks, "preparing to ring in the New Year in peace and had no sense about the epidemic," Guan Yi of the University of Hong Kong's State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases told Caixin. Airports were hardly being disinfected, Guan continued, saying the local government hasn't "even been handing out quarantine guides to people who were leaving the city."The city did disinfect the market where the virus has been traced to, but Guan criticized Wuhan for that, saying it hurts researchers' abilities to track down the virus's source. "I've never felt scared," Guan told Caixin. "This time I'm scared."A case involving the coronavirus was identified in Washington state on Wednesday, and cases have also been identified in Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. A total of 639 cases were confirmed in China.More stories from Democrats walked right into Mitch McConnell's trap Schiff tells senators why Trump must be removed: He's guilty, self-serving, and 'chose Rudy Giuliani' over America Lt. Col. Vindman's attorney calls GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn's attack a 'testament to cowardice'

POSTED JANUARY 23, 2020 5:58 PM

Family attorneys say cruise line's story of toddler's death is 'physically impossible'

Family attorneys say cruise line's story of toddler's death is 'physically impossible'Attorneys representing Chloe Wiegand's family say a ship visit proves it's "physically impossible" for her grandfather to hold her out of the window.

POSTED JANUARY 23, 2020 3:53 PM

These 9 Dining Chairs Are Sculptural, Surprising, and Downright Sleek

These 9 Dining Chairs Are Sculptural, Surprising, and Downright Sleek

POSTED JANUARY 23, 2020 8:00 AM

Residents paint a picture of Epstein's life on "Pedophile Island"

Residents paint a picture of Epstein's life on "Pedophile Island"When Epstein was convicted and serving time for procuring an underage girl in Florida for sex, word of his 13 month sentence and his alleged crimes made their way to St. Thomas.

POSTED JANUARY 22, 2020 9:07 PM

Saudi crown prince's WhatsApp linked to Bezos phone hack

Saudi crown prince's WhatsApp linked to Bezos phone hackThe cellphone of Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos was hacked in what appeared to be an attempt by Saudi Arabia's crown prince to "influence, if not silence" the newspaper's reporting on the kingdom, two U.N. human rights experts said Wednesday. The U.N. experts called for an “immediate investigation” by the United States into a report commissioned by Bezos that showed the billionaire technology mogul's phone was likely hacked after he received an MP4 video file sent from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's WhatsApp account after the two men exchanged phone numbers during a dinner in Los Angeles in 2018.

POSTED JANUARY 22, 2020 9:14 AM

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